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My uromastyx Mosh has been running in circles lately and looks like he’s chasing his tail. I just read about it and has something to do with their mating habits. The only other lizard he knows is my bearded dragon Chong, who does not want none of that.

poor lonely mosh haha

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I recently discovered an etsy shop by the name of total chaos bootique has been selling my old beetlejuice sandworm painting on pillowcases for 40 bucks a set. Thanks a lot. I politely asked them to remove it and I hope it doesn’t become more of a problem. I just wanted to make people aware of this in hopes they don’t support the shop.

Thank you to the people that reach out to artists and make us aware of these things that happen, it sucks but you people are true guardian fairies. <3


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Last year while driving home from a doctor appointment and haven been given some gross medicine, I threw up on myself. I had a box of tissues in my car so i tried to catch my barf with them and then started to throw the tissues out the window while continuing to barf and trying to drive. Some one leaned out their window and yelled “stop littering!”

I wish I could have leaned out and projectile vomited on their car.

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