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Anonymous asked: Your style is absolutely badass and amazing, I have been trying to make my own art style but can't seem to make anything good, I was curious how you figured out your style? Apologies if someone asked you this before

oh gosh thank you! <3  and no worries i don’t think this has been asked before.

mmm well when I was young the comic Johnny the homicidal maniac had a huge influence on how I drew, i love lines and sharp angles but I don’t think i draw like Mr. Vasquez anymore. All the artists I admired, i would figure out what I liked about their work and try to imitate it in mine. First it was things like tracing, then practicing while looking at a reference and then I would just try to draw it from memory. Maybe you like how someone does eyes, or arms or anything! After a while it all just sort of sat in my brain and turned into how I draw now. I kind of think it’s like how you place a cold cube of butter in a pan, it starts out a lot like the origin but soon enough melts and mixes with other things in your head. hah kind of dumb but!

Just keep drawing, keep looking at art that makes you want to be better, practice what you like about the pieces and let it mix with just how you draw normally. Hopefully a style you like will emerge :]