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Anonymous asked: I really like Screabus since his first appearance. He is so cute.

aw thank you anon, I will be sure to draw him more!

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Anonymous asked: Who's that Screabus character? I haven't seen him before.

i do sort of neglect him…

He’s the main character for my “I heart you” comic I’m working on. I know there’s some art of him floating around my blog somewhere. Anyway, he’s dead and ends up in the Egyptian afterlife, not knowing anything about it or the gods that he has to deal with. He is sent back when Anubis discovers he has no heart to weigh and has to find it with the help of Bast (who really doesn’t like him). They run into lots of other gods and goddesses on the way! They all try their “best” to help him remember his short life on earth and lead him to his heart.