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Bite him back!

attempted to color some line art comic book style-ish i think? I’ve impressed myself and learned a lot about what to do for inking beforehand!

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t4lkn3rdyt0m3 asked: I've always wanted to get into psychobilly stuffz. What bands would you suggest?

hmmm well you could start with the ones that started the genre! Reverend Horton Heat and The Cramps (although they deny being psychobilly) They’re both really awesome. There’s the hillbilly hellcats, Koffin Kats, Cold Blue Rebels all very fun. if you are familiar with the misfits they have a record where they do covers of popular rockabilly songs and psycho them up a bit, project 1950 i believe it’s called, with Graves as the lead singer. I wouyld also suggest making a horton heat pandora radio and just seeing what you like that pops up!

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I’ve been making magic decks all night instead of working on my illustrations and studies, I’m disappointed in myself.